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The Story

When Shannon Maxwell had to tell her children their father had been seriously wounded in Iraq with a penetrating traumatic brain injury, she found no available resources to help her explain what life would and could be like now.  There... (Continue reading)

Note from the Author

To the Adults…  I began writing Our Daddy Is Invincible! when sitting in Bethesda National Naval Medical Center’s ICU waiting room after my husband, Tim, was wounded.  A few days prior, in order to be at Tim’s bedside in Germany,... (Continue reading)

Note to the Children

from Alexis Maxwell As a child, growing up, I always thought of my daddy as a superhero.   This helped me when he was deployed overseas and went away on trips, because I thought he was invincible and could never get... (Continue reading)

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Gary Sinise, Actor/National spokesperson for The American Veterans Disabled For Life Memorial Foundation

essays writing service p>Our Daddy Is Invincible!  is a beautiful, healing reminder for both children and parents that, no matter what life throws at you, the power of love and the unbreakable human spirit survives and thrives in all of... (Continue reading)

Anne Moessner, RN, MSN, Traumatic Brain Injury Clinical Nurse Specialist

As a nurse who has worked for 25 years with people affected by traumatic injuries, I know how overwhelmed families can be. Children in particular often feel lost amid the shock and chaos. Our Daddy is Invincible will help parents and children as they learn together how to navigate the... (Continue reading)

David A. Winters, Intrepid Sea, Air & Space Museum and Intrepid Fallen Heroes Fund

“Our Daddy is Invincible!” is a wonderful book told for children from a child’s perspective.  It fills a void in an important area:  helping children deal with a parent returning wounded from combat.  It shows how children can understand the... (Continue reading)

Michael R. Strobl, LtCol, USMC (ret.)

To know Tim Maxwell is, indeed, to know a larger-than-life super hero. But Shannon’s book reminds us that super heroes come in all sizes (and ages) and that the children of wounded service members often face their own challenges requiring... (Continue reading)

Author: Shannon Maxwell

  In 2004, when her husband, LtCol Tim Maxwell, USMC (ret), was wounded with a penetrating traumatic brain injury (TBI); her focus became furthering wounded warrior family initiatives.  She currently serves as Vice President of SEMPERMAX Support Fund which she... (Continue reading)

Illustrator: Liza Biggers

Liza Biggers is a freelance artist who grew up in Florida and spent her teens in Ohio.  She now lives in New York where she and her husband enjoy city life.  Along with life experiences, her love of comics has... (Continue reading)

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Inspiration: LtCol Tim Maxwell, USMC (ret.)

LtCol Tim Maxwell, USMC (retired), is President of SemperMax, a company dedicated to working with and aiding wounded warriors and consulting those in a position to make a difference.  He served as an infantry officer and advisor to the Wounded... (Continue reading)