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Note to the Children

from Alexis Maxwell

As a child, growing up, I always thought of my daddy as a superhero.   This helped me when he was deployed overseas and went away on trips, because I thought he was invincible and could never get hurt.  When he came home wounded, I was ten and a little confused.  “How could my invincible daddy be hurt?”          

 As I learned more and finally saw him, I realized that the best part of him was there – his love for me.  Even if the bad guys got him, he was still my daddy—a little different, but my wonderful father, who loves me.  My superhero would heal.  Superman is hurt by Kryptonite, but he gets better and beats more bad guys.  Same for daddies and mommies! You should always be proud of your parents because even if they had to leave you for a while and got hurt, they did it to protect you and your family.  They risked their life for you and for others who needed help, like Superman does for the people of Metropolis.  Your parents are strong and brave and can make it through anything—and so can you!


 I’m now sixteen and each day my daddy and I are able to enjoy life together more and more, despite his injuries.  He comes to my soccer games and helps me practice.  We go to the beach, watch movies, play video games and cook together.  We can’t play all the same games we used to, but we found some new ones and continue to have fun.  Some things have had to change, but it doesn’t have to be all bad.   Different can be good too! 

I hope you enjoy our story and Mrs. Biggers’ beautiful illustrations. You, too, can find joy with your daddy and mommy.

Alexis Maxwell, top left, with her brother, Eric; her father, LtCol Tim Maxwell USMC (ret.); her sister, Cassidy; and her mother, Shannon.